​​​          Our Volunteer Board Members

Scholarships awarded to East Naples students attending Florida colleges.

2017 - 2 for $1,000 & 2 for $500

2018 - 4 for $1,000 & 1 for $2,000

2019 - 2 for $500

2020 - 2 for $500

The Parkside Elementary School

Reading Program that the East Naples Foundation supported with our funds encouraged the children to read books. The last donations were $4,100.00 in 2017 and $3,750.00 in 2018. 

The East Naples Foundation continues to help fund the Santa Run with a donation of $300.00 every year.

East Naples Foundation, Inc.

Our Funds Have Supported

All Volunteers

The East Naples Foundation Board Members and any committee members are volunteers. No one is paid for their time or services.


​Back to School Sneaker Drive

Santa Run - Christmas goodies for Children in Naples Manor &  surrounding area.

​Summer Camp assistance for Parkside Elementary School Children

Reading Program at Parkside Elementary School

​John Hooley, President

Jim Pusateri, Vice President 

​Karen Homiak, Sec./ Treasurer 

​Ted DeGroot, Director

Lenore Meurer, Director

Ashley Jenkins, Director